T(w)een co-creation workshop

Learn to co-create with teens and tweens and turn them into loyal fans.
Open yourself up to their world and get inspired by their out-of-the-box thinking!


Co-creation with tweens and teens requires an approach that suits their developmental phase. One of our specializations is working with these young customers. We know what it takes to inspire them, get them to fully cooperate and give the project their very best out-of-the box creativity. If you know how to press the ‘creativity buttons’ of t(w)eens you will be rewarded with an unparalleled creative force that makes the creative crew of top agencies look narrow minded.

Bringing tweens and teens into the boardroom is not only a wise decision for organizations directly targeting them, but also for anyone looking for an innovative breakthrough or developing scenarios for the future. In our workshop we will reveal all the insider tips & tricks to enable you to involve tweens and teens in your organization!

We offer this workshop in Dutch, English and German.

Who is it for?

Co-creation with t(w)eens is relevant for anyone targeting this group. It is also great for anyone in need of a fresh and future-oriented perspective. It is a practical and fun workshop for those who need to take their co-creation skills with tweens and teens to the next level.
– You are looking for new ways to connect with t(w)eens
– Your organization needs some out-of-the-box, future-oriented thinking
– You want to co-create with t(w)eens but are unsure how to or where to start
– You want to create something t(w)een your target group really wants
– You are wondering how to find and keep loyal t(w)een customers
– You want to involve t(w)eens in your organization
– You want to give the future generation a voice

What will you get?

Teens give their very best. Based on our decennia-long experience with the youngest target groups we will teach you the core principles and mechanisms of complete co-creation with tweens and teens.

We ensure that more than enough time is spent on individual questions and issues that you and your team might have and will create a lively environment with a sound balance between practice and theory.

How long does it take?

Our standard offer is a full-day workshop where you will get to the core of co-creation with tweens and teens. Please contact us for other options. 

OK! I want to know more

Please get in touch with us via the link below to book us for the workshop or to discuss options. Participation is without any financial risk because of our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the event, we invite you for a personal talk. Have we not been able to take away your discontent we will pay the agreed amount back to your account.



“I always thought co-creation with a 10-year old was impossible. I stand corrected. It requires specific skills to do this and TheCoCreators clearly know how.” – 


The workshop was so inspiring! Actively working together with kids has given me tremendous energy and new ideas I would have never came up with myself.


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