TheCoCreators KickStart

Get equipped with the building blocks to act as the frontrunner of innovation. Activate necessary basic insights that accelerate results.


This compact workshop on complete co-creation inspires you to use co-creation as a powerful tool in finding the optimal fit between you and your customers. It provides you with the basic insights, tips & tricks to get a head start on the path of co-creation!

We offer this workshop in Dutch, English and German.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to use the power of co-creation to his or her benefit. Useful for those without any experience but also for those who have already made first steps in co-creation.
– You are looking for new ways for your business to improve and stay relevant
– You want to create value for your (new) customers
– You want to build a better connection with fans
– You are wondering how you can find and keep loyal customers
– You want to create a new product or service that truly resonates
– You have heard about (complete) co-creation and want the inside scoop
– You realize that the customer holds the key to current and future success

What will you get?

Answers that will enable you to act. Our TheCoCreators KickStart Workshop contains all the key insights that you and your organization need to get started. We share with you the knowledge and experiences we use daily. It is our goal to help your customers with products, services and brands they really want to have (and by doing that help you!). You will learn:
– What co-creation is
– Why co-creation is important in the current time frame
– The benefits of co-creation and how to ‘sell’ these in one’s organization
– Potential barriers against co-creation and how to deal with these
– Several inspiring cases from a variety of sectors
– What one will need to implement co-creation successfully

We are committed to revealing the core principles and mechanisms of complete co-creation and use our collective knowledge to achieve this.

We have carefully listened to our customers and together with them have developed a workshop that fits into their world and give answers to their needs.

We ensure that more than enough time is spent on individual questions and issues that you and your team might have and to make sure you understand why certain steps in the complete co-creation process are taken and the subsequent choices you can make.

How long does it take?

The standard offer is a full-day workshop where you will get to the core of complete co-creation. We will also make the first live steps to your relevant business needs. Contact us for other options.

OK! I want to know more

Please get in touch with us via the link below to book us for a workshop. Also note that we recommend this workshop only if you are really focused on finding and retaining loyal customers and want to establish a continued success.

Participation is without any financial risk because of our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the event, we invite you for a personal talk. Have we not been able to take away your discontent we will pay the agreed amount back to your account.


This experience takes us a giant leap forward! Thank you, CoCreators!


I needed this fresh look on co-creation! It’s easy to get lost in assumptions.
Really happy.




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