Be a Positive Influence

We feel that these eight ethical guidelines are at the heart of organizations who want to do good. We try to follow them as much as we can and hope organizations we work with will join us:

1. Be 100% transparent about what you do. The customer has the right to know all the data you have on them and how you are going to use this information. Also, customers should always be able to request and receive any information on topics such as product development, employee treatment, and organization ethics at all times. Don’t hide and pretend; be honest and real.

2. Be honest about reality and don’t deliberately create a false impression. Don’t allow anyone within your company to be anything other than honest and transparent.

3. Don’t try to trick kids (or their parents) into buying something that is not stimulating their development and don’t try to get kids to emotionally force their parents to buy harmful products for them. Rather, view it as your responsibility to grow a healthy future generation.

4. Ask yourself: is the product or service you are offering something that you would wish for your friends or family? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘maybe’, try again.

5. Let a representative costumer group decide whether a new product or service deserves to be brought to market. Apart from this being the best way to guarantee success, it also creates an “official consumer approval”, which will help your sales.

6. Make every bit of information that is important to the customer clearly visible, easy to understand, and accessible to all customers.

7. Be honest about the environmental impact your product or service has. Always strive to be sustainable and aim to have a zero or positive impact on the planet.

8. Don’t hide any legal obligations. People have the right to know and you have the responsibility to make these clear and understandable.

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