Customer Insight Workshop

Bring your customer insight process up to standard.
Engage in the latest insights and modern methods
of collecting relevant information.


“Probably the most important workshop in your life.” Why? Because learning what ‘customer insight’ is and how to find it is the core of creating true value for your customer. Learn how to delve deep into your customers’ triggers and barriers, how to translate customer understanding into key insight, and how to apply this insight consistently to every aspect of your business to sustain customer loyalty.

We offer this workshop in Dutch, English and German.

Who is it for?

A key workshop for those who want to get beyond the basics of  co-creation and want to take a giant leap in becoming a true co-creator.
– You are looking to become a specialist co-creator
– You have experience in the field and want to improve
– You want to refresh your memory on customer insight
– You want to find THE key driver for your customers and learn how to translate this in business success

What will you get?

A deep and thorough understanding of customer insights! The Customer Insight Workshop is designed to enable you to reveal important insight that will propel the success of your product or service. A hands-on learning experience, based on the latest academic research and technology. We will share with you our knowledge and experience that we have gathered over the years to help you create value for your customers.

We ensure that more than enough time is spent on practicing, individual questions and issues  you and your team might have and make sure you walk out the door with a brand new perspective.

How long does it take?

The standard offer is a half-day workshop where you will get to the core of customer insights, and full-day workshop where we go into the matter more deeply and take it to the next level. We are however flexible in our approach and do our best to work with your needs!

OK! I want to know more

Please get in touch with us via the link below to book us for the workshop or to discuss options. Participation is without any financial risk because of our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the event, we invite you for a personal talk. Have we not been able to take away your discontent we will pay the agreed amount back to your account.



“I now know how important a strong customer insight is.
It will affect my business positively.” – 



There is a difference between an insight and an understanding.
Honestly, this opened my eyes.



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