Customer Connection Workshop

Learn the latest and get inspired on connecting with your customers.
A core part of co-creation. 


Take the fast lane to acquiring the knowledge and skills you need to build deep customer connection! This practical workshop prepares you to connect directly with your customers and will enable you to get into their minds. Customer connection is vital for any co-creator to master, so make sure you and your team are not missing out on this valuable workshop.

We offer this workshop in Dutch, English and German.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to use the power of co-creation to his or her benefit and needs to be equipped with a knowledge framework,tools, and skills to engage in the ongoing customer connection necessary to successfully co-create. Recommended for those without experience, and useful for those with some experience in direct customer interaction.
– You want to become acquainted with the different tools and techniques for customer connection
– You want to feel at ease interacting with your customer
– You want to get the most out of complete co-creation
– You want to really understand your customers’ deep drivers and barriers
– You want to stay on top of your customers’ needs and wishes, and feel connected to their world

What will you get?

We will take you through all the different tools and techniques available to take customer connection to the next level. This workshop teaches you to be open like a sponge and will help you fine-tune your observation and interviewing skills. Using real-life material we will teach you the important differences between observations and interpretations, and provide you with the theoretical framework and practical guidelines to filter deeper understandings out of raw observations.

You will get ample opportunity to practice, to ask questions and to share specific issues you may encounter. Just keep in mind, it will not be a one-way street and you will be expected to actively participate.

We know how difficult it can be to make the first steps in actively approaching and working together with customers. It just feels so much more comfortable to stay in the safe zone of one’s office, surrounded by like-minded people! However, we are convinced that with a little bit of practice customer connection will become part of your normal activities. This workshop will show you how inspiring and fun customer connection really is!

How long does it take?

The standard offer is a full-day workshop where you will get to the core of customer connection. Please contact us for other options.

OK! I want to know more

Please get in touch with us via the link below to book us for the workshop or to discuss options. Participation is without any financial risk because of our money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied after the event, we invite you for a personal talk. Have we not been able to take away your discontent we will pay the agreed amount back to your account.


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