Complete Co-creation: The 6 Benefits

The #1 question we are asked: what are the benefits of co-creation
and what can it do for us?

TheCoCreators have identified six benefits of implementing complete co-creation as an integrated approach. These six key motives can be used to convince management and peers to adopt complete co-creation.

First, the outcomes of a complete co-creative process, whether a product, service, brand or experience and everything around it, are highly relevant and attractive for the participants, because they themselves have worked to get the results and have been involved in every major decision.

Second, the process creates a marketing and resonance advantage. User groups and other stakeholders will be aware of the value proposition, before the results are even tangible. Word will spread, which will lead to a ‘boost’ when introducing the offering to the market. Its relevance will also be more credible to potential end-users, because customers co-developed it. Scientific research supports this notion of enhanced relevance of co-created output for end-users. 6 benefits of complete co-creation

Third, the open and interactive character of the complete co-creation process guarantees a broad support among the stakeholders, since they are directly involved. The results are a joint creation developed by and for all the actors involved, making it ‘theirs’.

The fourth motive to adopt complete co-creation is motivation. True co-creation is highly motivating! From the start it is clear how the process to address the issue or challenge will be organized and every participant will have the same mission and vision. The co-creative process creates equal space for all to add value. Discovering and collaborating with the different and common interests involved in direct dialogue is highly inspiring and can profoundly change an organization for the better.

The fifth motive is result. Co-creative processes have a strong positive impact on the quality of the result. The result takes into account the different perceptions, realities and interests of all parties. Because the results are endorsed by the user groups and other stakeholders the quality of the output is high and sustainable on all levels – not just financially.

Finally, the sixth motive is that complete co-creation has a positive effect on the companies’ resources. Experiencing the process step by step with all stakeholders allows avoiding making wrong decisions based on assumptions, and avoids an unnecessary waste of time, money and energy that can lead to conflicts and the outcome that is not fully supported by the intended user groups. Thus, the complete co-creative process is effective and efficient on a resource level.

There you go! The 6 benefits of complete co-creation. What are you waiting for? Let’s co-create!

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